On Life and Football – An Interview with Referee Rant

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Over at my buddy, Ralph’s, “Referee Rant” podcast series, my latest entry:


We explore my thoughts on COVID, real-world conflict resolution, and navigating the games—within the game—of football.

Some time stamps below….

Intro – 2:15

Thoughts on Life and Work during Coronavirus – 3:50

On Protest Movements and Race Relations – 11:00

Kene’s Early Years in Sports – 13:30

On Competition and the LIFFL – 15:05

Would Kene Ever Get into Officiating? – 18:00

Mentors and Friends Around the Game – 20:05

Advice on Getting into (and succeeding in) Flag Football – 22:20

On Officiating and Interacting with Referees – 24:35

Thoughts on Preparing to Win, Team Management, and Performance – 26:55

Future plans in LIFFL? – 33:30

Two Biggest Challenges – Injuries and Roster Management – 34:30

Kene’s Two Best Moments in LIFFL – 37:30

Final Thoughts with Ralph – 38:25

Referee Rant features interviews with administrators, players, and other figures in and around the world of sports. Really good listening for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the “why?” and “how?” behind some of the activities we hold dear.

Follow him here:


IG: RefereeRant

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