We Finally have an eBay Resolution

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I got a number of questions from readers asking what became of the eBay dispute I shared last summer:


We finally have an update.

After a year of behind-the-scenes jostling, I finally won this case.

eBay ate the costs and I was vindicated.

I received the news a few weeks ago. Wanted to share it here for those who’ve been wondering.

In the months following my publication of the case, I received a lot of comments from other eBay users who had their own stories to tell, as well as solicitations from people who needed help with all sorts of consumer affairs matters.

I never received an apology from eBay or any admission of fault. No problem, didn’t expect one.

I’m grateful for the ordeal and God’s role in the process. eBay’s malfeasance afforded me an opportunity to put my talents on front street, a bright stage to do what I do best.

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I’m an entrepreneur-among other things-specializing in helping people build businesses and develop fulfilling relationships.


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