Conflict Management: Your New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year, folks.

Over at Women 2.0, my latest piece:

A cornered person is a dangerous person; allowing outs prevents knock-down-drag-out affairs.

Our words have tremendous power. In the digital age, where text is king, there’s no reason to ever distribute communication with the intent of inciting the recipient — -even if it feels good in the moment.

This goes doubly-so for any business-related material. An angry client represents not just a short-term loss of income, but a lingering threat to your business for years to come.

Full article

Women 2.0 highlights issues important to women in the tech space, curating content and providing resources that all demographics can appreciate.

They do great work.

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I’m an entrepreneur-among other things-specializing in helping people build businesses and develop fulfilling relationships.


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