Bills That Should Be Laws

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In honor of Memorial Day, some bills the government should sign into law:

1) A Registry for People Convicted of Animal Abuse:

We have registries for other criminal offenders. Why not people convicted of animal abuse? Public humiliation is a powerful deterrent and it can help prevent the mistreatment of animals looking for a new home.

2) The Fight For Net Neutrality:

Touched on this a few weeks ago, and it bears another mention. Net Neutrality–and its interpretation by government and big business–has a real impact on the lives of internet and data users around the world.

I ’ve only listed two here, but I’m sure there are other bills that warrant further consideration. Keep an eye out for ways to support these and any causes you find worthwhile, even if it’s as little as forwarding a news story to someone you know.

While I’d push for these bills to be passed into law, I’m usually on the ‘less is more’ side of the legislative argument. We need fewer laws, not more, and need to be really careful about which ones we put on the books. The government rarely repeals laws—new codes and ordinances heaped on to already-unwieldy piles of codes and ordinances.

Each new law represents an incremental loss of personal freedom, a new rule that you must comply with or risk punishment from the government.

Free men choose. Unfree men comply.

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