Does Your Character Impact Your Ability To Lose Fat?

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Over at Fathead, Tom Naughton explores the murky relationship between effort and results in the world of fat loss:

But wait … genetics is also a matter of biochemistry. So we’re looking at Chemistry x Effort x Chemistry.

That’s why I say weight loss is mostly about chemistry, not character. Knowing that is hardly an excuse to give up. If anything causes people to give up, it’s effort and sacrifice that isn’t rewarded. That’s why the gyms become less and less crowded the farther we get from New Year’s and all those resolutions. Understanding that chemistry is a big part of the equation and choosing accordingly is what enables our efforts to finally succeed.


Through the use of several excellent analogies, he makes the case for taking a closer look at why people have trouble shedding fat (New Year’s Eve resolutions, notwithstanding).

Tom’s blog is always a good read.

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