You Reach, I Teach (Part 3): How To Recover A Stolen Laptop

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Last year I showed you How To Protect Your Digital Life (, the base of the strategy has evolved since then. I will walk you through the steps and show you additional tricks to retrieve a stolen computer. I would also like to note, I will never claim to be a Mr.Know-it-all because I’m not, but I will always try to share what I’ve learned from my own experiences with the community. Hopefully some of these points will be a value add to somebody out there. Please install these applications as soon as possible (not all but I would recommend that you definitely start with PREY then pick and choose what works for you, the image is a base you can build upon or use for your own lightweight strategy by removing some of the list items).

Using my Galaxy Note’s S-Pen, here is what I was able to draw out:

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