Fantasy Football 2012: Five Months of Roster Manipulation, Bragging Rights, and Gamesmanship

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Yesterday was my annual Fantasy Football Draft.

A rundown of my league rules/settings:

Here’s my roster:

1.(10)Matthew Stafford(Det – QB)

2.(15)Maurice Jones-Drew(Jac – RB)

3.(34)Brandon Marshall(Chi – WR)

4.(39)Willis McGahee(Den – RB)

5.(58)Ahmad Bradshaw(NYG – RB)

6.(63)Eric Decker(Den – WR)

7.(82)Kevin Smith(Det – RB)

8.(87)Pierre Garcon(Was – WR)

9.(106)Titus Young(Det – WR)

10.(111)Denarius Moore(Oak – WR)

11.(130)Jared Cook(Ten – TE)

12.(135)Christian Ponder(Min – QB)

13.(154)Cincinnati(Cin – DEF)

14.(159)Garrett Hartley(NO – K)

15.(178)Minnesota(Min – DEF)

The draft started on a sour note, as I arrived to see that I drew the 10th pick. I was gunning for Rodgers, Brees, or Brady with my 1st round pick, so that was a disappointment. An elite QB can carry even a mediocre team to a title.

By the time my 1st pick rolled around, those three QBs were gone. Took Matt Stafford at 10.

I stockpiled talent at RB. (Ahmad Bradshaw, Jones-Drew, Kevin Smith,  Willis Mcgahee). The Jones-Drew Holdout bears watching. Stafford’s injury history paired with the uncertainty in Jacksonville make for some very risky early picks.

Notable head-scratchers in the draft….

—-One manager drafted a kicker (Sebastian Janikowski) in Round 10.

—-Another manager drafted three Tight Ends (Brent Celek, Greg Olsen, Jermaine Gresham). Note that we only have one starting TE spot in the league. He must’ve run out of ideas.

Do your homework before the exam, folks.

I’ll post an update on my league and team in a few weeks. Fantasy sports create entire seasons of intrigue, even for those who don’t play the games.

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