Start A Success Journal

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I’ve kept a ‘Success Journal’ since 2005.

It’s a fantastic resource for chronicling both the mundane and major accomplishments in your life.[[MORE]]

Compliments you’ve received, athletic triumphs, work completed on the job, instances you ventured out of your comfort zone—-write it all down. Make a detailed entry of what you did and the date you did it.

Detail is key—-you want to be able to look back at this accomplishment years in the future and recall how you felt and exactly what you did.

Maintaining a record of what you’ve accomplished builds self-esteem, imbue confidence, and combat the fear of embarking on new challenges.

Success Journals utilize the power of Visualization. We build competence by wrestling with a problem both physically and in an abstract sense. Mental repetition of a task enhances cognitive function in the areas of the brain responsible for task mastery.

The more deliberate attention you pay to a problem, the better you become at solving it.



This took more than good genetics and physical fitness.

Consider recording a 10-minute audio (or video) file of some of your successes to use on-the-go. Just listening to or watching an idea or activity on a regular basis, if only passively, will have a significant impact.

After all, we are what we do.

Now, I’ll digress into the dangers of arrogance…

An inflated sense of self often brings conceit.Arrogance is off-putting and leads to unnecessary conflict.

Don’t make that mistake; stay humble.

An appreciation of the work and external influences that contributed your success instills humility.Commit time each day to remembering who—-or what—-played a role in your current standing.

Movers and shakers respect the importance of shrewd social interaction.

People want to feel appreciated. Talk to them, not at them. Active listening, instead of simply waiting to talk, is rare nowadays. Considerate gestures separate you from the crowd and set the stage for further success.

As always, Interpersonal Intelligence is critical for progress in every walk of life.



No one achieves greatness on his own.

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