Justtaptheglass.com One-Year Anniversary

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It’s been one year since my first blog post.

A reminder of how it all started: http://justtaptheglass.com/post/3114938453/origin.

Great milestone.

Maintaining a public blog is an excellent way to sharpen your communication skills and raise your technological I.Q.

Over the past year, I’ve written a book, experimented with new health initiatives, thrown out some wild ideas, and penned several odes to my collegiate and competitive past.

I promised myself that I would write regularly for at least one year if I were started a blog—a nice exercise in discipline.

Not sure how much longer I’ll keep updating the blog, but I’ll keep the domain current for at least the next two years.

I hope you’ve found my articles both entertaining and thought-provoking.

It’s been a fantastic experience.

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I’m an entrepreneur-among other things-specializing in helping people build businesses and develop fulfilling relationships.


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