Three Square Meals a Day is an Outdated Benchmark

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so the following should be of great interest:

Although it may be inconvenient, eating at least four meals a day is a ‘best practice’ for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.We have all heard that snacking in between breakfast, lunch and dinner is unhealthy and can lead to undesired weight gain. If your daily snacks consist of heaping helpings of chocolate cake or several packs of Twinkies, than you aren’t doing yourself any favors. However, a diet consisting of at least four nutritious meals a day is ideal for staying energized and lean.

Consuming at least four meals a day accelerates your metabolism. When your body knows that it can expect to be fed consistently throughout the day, it will not enter ‘starvation mode’. When your body has not received food for an extended period of time, it will slow your metabolism (minimizing calorie expenditure) in order to save energy—a coping mechanism to increase the chances of survival during periods of famine. When you go hours and hours without food, you experience hunger pangs, irritability and listlessness. Not to mention the reduction in fat metabolism (read: fat loss) during this time.

Eating four or more meals a day is a boon to not just your fitness goals, but your daily activities as well. You’ll be more energetic, more alert and ready to conquer the objectives you’ve set forth for the day.

Note: Click here for a strong argument on limiting food consumption to a certain portion of the day

Consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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