All Publicity is NOT Good Publicity

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All publicity is good publicity.

A long-standing cliche, but it’s simply not true.

If you are vying for a spot on a reality show or running a business where any mention in the public eye spreads the word about your business, then any notoriety is beneficial. However, if your business or organization is predicated on a wholesome image or grounded in some specific ethos or skill, some types of publicity are downright toxic.

Case in point: New York Congressman Anthony Wiener.

Politicans thrive on public acknowledgement of their platforms and contibutions to the community. Congressmen need as much publicity as they can get. Wiener, a respected democrat in the House of Representatives, saw the goodwill and good deeds of over twenty years wiped out by a Twitter scandal. He’ll probably never get a chance at another prominent position in politics, let alone a run at Mayor of New York City in 2013.

Do you think he backs the “all publicity is good publicity” mantra now?

Perception is reality. Cultivate the right public persona through good work and ethical behavior.

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